Do You Have a Holistic Business?
“How to Get Massive Online Exposure and Grow a Tribe of Loyal Paying Customers AUTOMATICALLY 24/7!”
“How to Get Massive Online Exposure and Grow a Tribe of Loyal Paying Customers AUTOMATICALLY and 24/7!”
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In This Webinar, You Will Learn How To...
Facebook? LinkedIn? Youtube?
What is REALLY the best ways to get traffic and targeted exposure (so you can stop wasting money on campaigns that don’t work)
Stand out from the crowd and build genuine relationships
Customers buy from businesses they know, like and trust. Here, I will show you how to stand out from the crowd and build genuine relationships and trust with your audience.
Convert visitors into paying customers
How to get targeted visitors 24/7 and turn them into paying customers/clients/students automatically so you can semi-retire
Extremely Limited Spots - Grab your spot now!

Who is David Wong

  •  The Prosperity Alchemist
  •  10+ years meditation and martial arts practitioner
  •   200,000+ paying members subscribed in various online memberships
  •   2800% increase client’s revenue 12 weeks (Yes! That’s 28X's!)
  •  1700+ apps published
  •  160,000+ youtube subscribers
  •  250,000+ targetted mailing list
  •  Millions of dollars of products and services sold online
VIP Only - Extremely Limited Spots - Grab your spot now!
What Others Say...
"I love the direction you are going. I love the coaching you’ve provided on “hooking” pre-registrants. And I love the funnels and pages you have made so far. I would love to continue working with you on our retreats, and I look forward to working with you on several other ongoing projects." -Debra Meehl, President of Meehl Foundation/International Speaker/Author/Doctor of Divinity, DD
"David Wong helped me at my most disorganized time.  We were barely surviving with our business but he helped us increase sales by 28 times in just 12 weeks, and it's still growing month after month!  He's also helped me automate my business so that I can focus on spending time with my wife and 2 daughters.  I highly recommend his training and I wouldn't hesitate for a chance to work with him." -David Sereda, Producer/Inventor/International Speaker/Author
"Upon meeting David and sharing our dream taking our expos to the next level, he agreed to help not only us realize our dream, but also build a better organization that would help those who are a part of it enjoy success and freedom.  So far, he has achieved more in just a couple months than others have not been able to in years.  We are confident that David’s work with our events will help us realize our dreams of creating a greater level of success and freedom for not only us, but our clients, exhibitors, affiliates and members. If you're looking for someone to guide you in breaking through, choose David Wong as your mentor and guide."
 -Chandler Armstrong, Co-Founder, Body Soul Spirit Expo
“Your visionary insight into creating events that bring people together to share their insights, offerings, and solutions plays such an important part in awakening that his happening on our planet today!
-Dr. Michael Ledwith
“What the Bleep Do We Know?”
“We've been going to the Body Soul & Spirit Expo for the past couple of years.

It has done a tremendous job of growing our business, meeting new wholesale distributors, and clients. We love being there.”
-Jacqueline Nuesch
Vibe H2O
“I have exhibited at the Bod Soul & Spirit Expo for several years as well as other shows and he Body Soul & Spirit Expo is the best by far for repeat and long term business!
-Sharlene Fair
Calgary Reflexology & More

The Body Soul & Spirit Expos are perfect atmosphere for the up and coming entrepreneur that is looking for a great way to expand their business, we found it the perfect mix of people for our hemp nutritional product!”
-MarieAnn Coules
The positive energy at the show was electric, fascinating people gave lectures, and thousands of visitors attended.

It's an event you don't want to miss.”
-Cynthia Fey
Rapid Transformation Coaching & Hypnotherapy
“We have been attending the Body Soul and Spirit Expo both in Calgary and Edmonton for the past few years.

The events have proved to be successful for future business.”
-Marcel Gour
Lazy M Ranch
“The Expo was GREAT! I did over sessions - would you believe it!?

I barely stopped during the whole show!”
-Dr. Leslie Phillips
Author, “The Midas Tree.”
“So what do you know, I get to enjoy the event and enjoy the booths and vendors around.”
-Alyssa Sprout
Marketing Director - Makami College
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